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To say you can design your own sky would be a step too far for anybody. The sky and the universe are what they are, and you cannot change that. However, you can design your own sky-and-cloud panels to display on your ceiling. If you are a photography buff, you can take your own photos of the sky to display as sky-and-cloud panels. Or you could upload a completely different image to create custom decorative light covers.All you need to design your… Read more
Dental surgery is not on the top of anyone's list of fun activities. In fact, dental work, in general, is a common phobia. So keeping patients calm, relaxed, and distracted during dental procedures if of vital importance. One unique feature of dental procedures is that patients spend most of their time staring up at the ceiling. Also, many dental surgeries are performed with the patient awake, using only local anesthetic or mild sedation. Decorat… Read more
Are you looking for a unique design choice for your home? When renovating an interior design, most homeowners think of their floors, their furniture, and their walls. You may replace a carpet with wood or tile flooring. One of the most common interior renovations is a simple paint job to change up the color of your walls. But how often do you look up? If you have fluorescent lighting, you may hesitate to replace it. Unless you want to hire an ele… Read more