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Sky and Cloud Panel Designs for Your Home

Sky and Cloud Panel Designs for Your Home

16th Aug 2019

Are you looking for a unique design choice for your home? When renovating an interior design, most homeowners think of their floors, their furniture, and their walls. You may replace a carpet with wood or tile flooring. One of the most common interior renovations is a simple paint job to change up the color of your walls. But how often do you look up? If you have fluorescent lighting, you may hesitate to replace it. Unless you want to hire an electrician and install a whole new fixture, you may be tempted just to leave it alone. But you have another option. When you use sky and cloud panel designs, you can incorporate your fluorescent lighting into your decor. Continue reading for innovative home lighting decoration ideas.

How to Use Sky and Cloud Panel Designs

When thinking of sky and cloud panels designs for your home, you first have to consider whether this unique type of ceiling decoration is suitable for your lighting system. For it to be used at all, you must have either fluorescent or LED lighting. It also helps if you already have a diffuser covering the bulbs, especially if it is a standard 4 ft x 2 ft diffuser panel. However, you can replace the existing cover with a diffuser relatively easily. And Octo Lights is happy to cut your decorative light covers to any size to suit your lighting situation.

Diffusers are almost always installed over fluorescent lights, and often over LED lamps as well. They help spread out and diffuse the light source, so it is even rather than individual areas of bright illumination under the bulb. For sky and cloud panels to work correctly, the backlighting behind them must be even over the entire panel. That is why most types of decorative fluorescent light covers are made to fit over the existing diffuser panels.

Frosted glass or plastic diffuser panels are a common way to cover fluorescent lighting tubes and banks of LED lamps. They make the light more even and therefore more suitable for sky and cloud panels. By using a diffuse form of backlighting, the scenes of clouds in blue skies appear more realistic. The same is true if you prefer views of the night sky rather than daylight. Some people even consider using both types of designs on the same ceiling. If you have lights controlled by separate switches, one set could be used in the evening and the other later at night.

Unique Sky and Cloud Panel Designs

The sky and cloud panels designs that are available on our website are created using photographs of genuine daylight sky scenes. The best way to recreate a natural scene is to use a photo of a real sky. At Octo Lights, we use our own photographs of the most beautiful sky scenes we come across. Because or sky scenes come from our own photographers, you are guaranteed to have a unique design you won’t find on anyone else’s ceiling.

Our unique photos are printed onto transparent polyester covers that fit over the translucent fluorescent light diffuser panels. Because the images are actual high-resolution photographs—and not computer-generated images like some of our competitors—the panels look completely natural.

Multiple-Panel Designs

If you have a bank of fluorescent light fixtures, you can use a group of covers to recreate a large area of the sky on your ceiling using multiple panels. Each panel is printed with a corresponding photograph of part of the sky. The combination creates a composite image that is almost like opening up your ceiling to the summer sky.

A multi-panel collage provides a far superior result to using multiple sky and cloud panels featuring the same photograph. You can also use our custom service to have a large image of your choosing printed across multiple standard light covers. If you a photographer, we can transfer your photographs to the light covers to create a series of custom ceiling light panels. If you have enough light fixtures, you could cover the entire ceiling of a room in your home or your office.

The effect of the backlit decorative light covers is fantastic. Unlike many other decorative light cover sellers, we print custom images for no extra charge. That’s why so many people come to us requesting custom fluorescent light covers for businesses, schools, hospitals, and homes. We also print custom night scenes. We have some standard scenes of the stars at night, but you can provide your own if you prefer.

Standard Sky and Cloud Panels

If you do not wish to go to the trouble of finding your own custom sky and cloud panel designs, that's fine, too! We have a wide range of standard designs. You are sure to find something you like among the twenty sky and cloud panel designs we have to offer. If not, then you know what to do! Just get that camera out and start shooting. Go to our custom page and follow the prompts to quickly produce your custom-printed decorative light covers!

Use our sky and cloud panels designs to give your ceiling the fabulous appearance of the natural sky. First, it will increase the apparent height of a low room. It will also provide you with a decor feature that astonishes your visitors. Try out any of our amazing designs for a new decor piece that will impress your friends and completely update the look of any room.