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Businesses are always looking for an opportunity to show off their products and services. One great way to advertise is by using fluorescent light covers in the reception area of your office. Most businesses have a waiting room or reception area in their office building. This is an ideal place to focus on advertising to visitors. Many companies already place product samples or examples of the work they do in their reception areas. But this is als… Read more
Are you looking for a unique design choice for your home? When renovating an interior design, most homeowners think of their floors, their furniture, and their walls. You may replace a carpet with wood or tile flooring. One of the most common interior renovations is a simple paint job to change up the color of your walls. But how often do you look up? If you have fluorescent lighting, you may hesitate to replace it. Unless you want to hire an ele… Read more
If you look up information about sleeping, you will often come across the startling fact that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. In a 75-year lifetime, that's 25 hours snoozing. But that's only if you are getting 8 hours of sleep every night. The reality is that most Americans don't get enough sleep. As a nation, we average about 6.8 hours a night. So if you find yourself lying in bed staring at the ceiling, it might help to have something… Read more
Have you ever considered using decorative light panels in your bedroom? Most people give little thought to their bedroom lighting, other than maybe wishing that they could control it from their bed! People spend a great deal of time and money on bedroom decor and furniture to adorn their personal sanctuary. But they just accept the plain old white light in their room. Sure, you can dress it up in a fancy light shade, or even add a colored lamp or… Read more