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I bet you wish you could block those fluorescent light at work don't you? Fluorescent lights can give people headaches and migraines, make it difficult to focus and concentrate, and make people sensitive to light. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do about this problem! You can block fluorescent lights with Octo Lights Covers, maximize natural lighting by changing out bulbs for softer-colored bulbs or turning off overhead lights in favo… Read more
Sky ceilings are a wonderfully creative way to inject some fun into your space. They can be used in schools, hospitals and dentists' offices - any place where you want to create an immersive atmosphere for patients or students. There are several ways to create your sky ceiling mural.  You can paint your ceiling to look like a sky, use decorative drop ceiling tiles or use fluorescent light covers. This blog post will explore how these methods… Read more
You can use custom fluorescent light covers in your home. They work with the plain or frosted panels commonly used with false ceilings or as part of the ceilings in your home. Decorative light covers can turn these panels into amazing scenes. Guests will wonder at your creativity, and they will astonish anyone who sees them.Fluorescent lighting is common in many kitchens. But you can use decorative light covers in any room in your home to create… Read more
Today, more than ever, homeowners are looking for unique and unusual ways of transforming an ordinary room into something truly genuine and unique. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. One exciting technique, in particular, is quickly gaining popularity. That is the use of decorative fluorescent light fixtures or ceiling light covers. They come in a wide range of custom designs and use many different types of images. Fluorescent light pan… Read more