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Sky ceilings are a wonderfully creative way to inject some fun into your space. They can be used in schools, hospitals and dentists' offices - any place where you want to create an immersive atmosphere for patients or students. There are several ways to create your sky ceiling mural.  You can paint your ceiling to look like a sky, use decorative drop ceiling tiles or use fluorescent light covers. This blog post will explore how these methods… Read more
Custom ceiling light panels offer you a unique form of modern home decor. Many people seek something unique in their decor, both for themselves and visitors, and there is a natural human desire to create a good impression on your friends. People want to show off their decorative skills and ability to maintain a high standard of interior design. This is particularly true if you entertain a lot. So when you have visitors to your home, it is right t… Read more
Today, more than ever, homeowners are looking for unique and unusual ways of transforming an ordinary room into something truly genuine and unique. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. One exciting technique, in particular, is quickly gaining popularity. That is the use of decorative fluorescent light fixtures or ceiling light covers. They come in a wide range of custom designs and use many different types of images. Fluorescent light pan… Read more
Custom ceiling light panels are a unique way to light decorate your ceiling. They can add visual interest to your ceiling while also improving the lighting in a room. And now, you can decorate your fluorescent or LED light diffuser panels in any way you want. Custom fluorescent light covers can be emblazoned with your business logo, inspirational quotes, or your own photographs. The possibilities are endless with Octo Lights custom ceiling light… Read more