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Check Out Our Most Popular Light Covers Today! When you look up at the light fixtures in your home, office, restaurant, or school, do you know what type of lights are in them? You’d be forgiven for thinking all lights are the same, but there are actually many different types of lighting solutions available today. Two of the most prevalent are LED light fixtures and fluorescent light fixtures. In this blog, Octo Lights is here to explain w… Read more
Check Out Our Most Popular Light Covers Today! There's a lot to love about having a well-lit room. From homes to restaurants to offices, lighting is essential for any building you enter. But even more critical is having sustainable lighting that's worth your time and money. Octo Lights is here to talk about the four most important reasons to have sustainable lighting no matter where you are. So continue reading and check out our fluoresce… Read more
Check Out All Our Militay Light Covers! Military facilities need to be as well-lit and comfortable as anywhere else, which is why Octo Lights has created fluorescent light covers for military bases specifically. In our mission to make working spaces such as schools, hospitals, medical facilities, offices, and restaurants more productive, we offer military fluorescent light shades to soften both fluorescent and LED bulbs. Learn more ab… Read more
Check Out Our Most Popular Light Covers Today! Creating an interactive environment for students is important for their academic success and for building social skills. You as an educator need to do everything possible to create a stimulating, colorful, and engaging classroom, which is exactly what Octo Lights’ school light covers are designed to do. Our decorative classroom light covers are designed for both fluorescent and LED… Read more